#RandomThoughts On Our World On This #Thanksgiving2018

On The Road in Irvine, California at the San Juan Creek Reservoir

It is dawn of Thanksgiving Week here in the United States. It has been quite a challenging week in our home state as epitomized by this courtesy of the Daily Overview:

What was reported by the LA Times on how the Northern California Started is absolutely horrific as we picked this during our daily assessment On the Grid:

Please read their work: https://t.co/rQVNNxjP0i

— Paige St. John (@paigestjohn) November 18, 2018

The Culpability of Pacific Gas and Electric will be quite a development as the investigations continue. We welcome President Trump’s visit to our home state yesterday.

The Mid-Term results keep coming in. Although the Republicans will pick up a net gain of 2 seats in the US Senate, it is being negated by the profound Blue Wave. Orange County, California — our home county — will not have a single Republican Representative for the next Congress in the US House.

Beyond the Shores of America, there are profound developments around the World. We’re seeing reports of pending elections in Israel with profound implications for the region.

We are also taking some time to reflect upon all that we’re thankful for during this holiday season here in the United States. As we go “dark” in our properties, our broadcast pod along with our Twitter Channel will have updates daily along with our updates in our Google Corner as we leave you all with some Random Thoughts on the Week That was:

Americans for Peace Now’s New Settlement Map App

It is our pleasure at Peace Now to share with you that our sister organization in the United States, Americans for Peace Now, has just released its new and improved settlement map mobile application, Facts on the Ground. The app is a staple of our tours and is used by many of the journalists, public figures and diplomats who wish to quickly access Peace Now data when they are out in the field. We highly recommend you download this app and explore the wealth of information it features.

Facts on the Ground Map App

There are numerous reasons for the persistence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with rejection of Israel’s right to exist, denial of Jewish history, and Palestinian terrorism among the most devastating and pernicious.But the 51-year-old occupation — which denies Palestinians their rights, corrodes Israeli society and democracy, and continually damages prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace — is fundamentally anchored in the Israeli settlement enterprise in the West Bank. Settlements stand in the way of a two-state solution by preventing a viable, contiguous, independent state of Palestine, a purpose for which they were explicitly designed.

That’s why Americans for Peace Now is today releasing Facts on the Ground, a new, completely revamped and upgraded version of the groundbreaking settlements map app, available for free on iPhone and Android.

With the help of Peace Now‘s Settlement Watch — the most authoritative, credible source on settlements — Facts on the Ground gives users the ability to track, explore, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the settlements. As a mobile app designed to be used by policymakers, diplomats, journalists, teachers, students, and anyone else interested in the Israeli settlement enterprise, Facts on the Ground is truly one-of-a-kind.

Originally released in 2010, APN’s Facts on the Ground was the first-ever interactive online map of West Bank settlements. The new version features up-to-date statistics and data, including individual “snapshots” of every settlement and outpost in the West Bank. The app includes informational video, a comprehensive glossary, and a new, expansive statistics section from Peace Now. Facts on the Ground also marks the re-launch of APN’s Settlements in Focus publication. New issues, each profiling

different West Bank settlements, will be featured on the app and available to all users.

Happy Thanksgiving Week from us to all of you and your loved ones…

Originally published at www.thedailyoutsider.com on November 18, 2018.