Notations On Our World ((Special Weekly Edition): On Our World As #Election2020 Looms in the US

The POST-COVID is before us and things will not be the same as the clamor to open up gathers steam. We look forward to being at the forefront of it as we wanted to share some mid-week #RandomThoughts on the state of politics as #Elections2020 gets heated. We begin with the following two charts courtesy the
Cook Political Report and the Financial Times of London that underscores the challenging landscape President Trump and the Republicans have before them:

This is as The Lincoln Project has begun a concerted campaign in opposition to the President as exemplified by the following which drew President Trump’s wrath earlier this week:

- The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) May 4, 2020

We have also been on the prowl as Joe Biden inches towards the Democratic Nomination to challenge President Trump.
The Bulwark released this analysis on Joe Biden & his prospects that is worth noting:

It’s still happening. Over the weekend we saw two pieces advising Democrats to start preparing for a post-Biden election. The first was fromElizabeth Bruenig. The second fromRyan Cooper.

[G]etting mad is not going to get Democrats out of their Biden fix. Only one thing can do that-pressuring Biden out of the race, and replacing him with someone else. . . .

The bold there is mine. Because Democrats are not in “a Biden fix.”

You cannot say the same for the other three allegations. The stories of Ramirez, Swetnick, and Munro-Leighton varied in their credibility, but none were even close to Blasey Ford’s in terms of meeting thresholds for potential believability.

The Ramirez allegation was the strongest of these three, but even this collapsed when contemporaneous accounts claimed that at the time, Ramirez herself was unsure whether or not Kavanaugh was the perpetrator.

As for Munro-Leighton, she later admitted to making up her accusation against Kavanaugh.

Also, the timing of her change in story closely aligns with her strong support of Bernie Sanders. It’s possible that new evidence may emerge, but as of right now the Tara Reade allegations look more like the politically motivated actions of the other three Kavanaugh accusers.

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